• Glossy Black-cockatoo

    Glossy Black-cockatoo, UNESCO Noosa Biosphere

  • Yellow-tufted Honeyeater

    Eastern Water Dragon, juvenile, Noosa N.P.


  • Wompoo Fruit-dove in a Piccabeen

    Wompoo Fruit-dove in a Piccabeen

  • Black Bittern, juvenile

    Black Bittern, juvenile, UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve

  • Wallaby


  • Red-backed fairy-wren

    Red-backed Fairy-wren (DavidLynne)

  • Satin bowerbird Bower

    Satin bowerbird Bower

  • Comb-crested Jacana, Yandina Wetland

    Comb-crested Jacana, Yandina Wetland

  • Australian Painted Snipe

    Australian Painted Snipe

Birding - UNESCO Noosa Biosphere

I have designed this experience for avid and curious birdwatchers, wildlife and flora enthusiasts and nature photographers to explore habitats showcasing this most wonderful wildlife region. My expertise in animal behaviour will allow you to observe without disturbing these precious animals. If you love exploring and the outdoors, you will love this experience.  No long drives to get somewhere interesting - the tour starts immediately - some wildlife will be right under our noses.   

The UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve, a unique area where sub-tropical and temperate zones overlap, provides varied ecosystems including Mangroves, Wallum, Wet and Dry Eucalypt forests and Rainforests. 40% of Australia‚Äôs bird species are found in this area, some 304 species including Migratory wader species. Typically 70 species and more can be located in one day.

Tour includes some short walks and can be conducted at a pace to suit your interest and concentrate on locating as many species as possible across a variety of habitats.

General Information


  • Short, tranquil, easy walks
  • Ample time and opportunity to photograph and observe flora and fauna in their natural habitat
  • Professional, experienced guide with interpretation of the birds, flora, fauna and history of the region
  • Immerse in the beauty that surrounds you, leave the art of safely navigating through the bush to your guide.
  • Easy pace
  • Small, personalised group

Tour Rates and Details

Birding - UNESCO Noosa Biosphere: 

Pickup times: 7am and return 5pm approximately. Times can vary depending on group and natural factors

  • AU$490: from 1 to 3 guests
  • AU$880: from 4 to 6 guests

Includes morning tea, potable water, binoculars to share, scope, comfortable vehicle, Fridge for food and drink, chairs, table, hand sanitiser. We are a Covid19 safe business.

Note: Due to Covid19 guidelines, we suggest bringing your own lunch. Cooler will be provided.

  • At least 24 hours notice for a full refund.
  • Less than 24 hours prior to departure a 100% cancellation fee applies. 
  • If a tour is cancelled by Tropical Treks, guests will be offered a full refund or an alternative day of travel.
  • Refunds will be made to the account that made payment.

What To Bring 

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Light quick-dry clothing
  • Comfortable hard-wearing shoes recommended.
  • Light rain jacket
  • Warm Jacket during winter.


Potable drinking water, binoculars

NB:  No smoking allowed on walks.

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